Thursday, September 28, 2017

Your Mind Is Your Most Powerful Tool

We all hold within us stories from our childhood. We carry stories about holiday traditions and the right way to make our beds. We also absorb how to find love and care by observing our parents, siblings, teachers and friends. We learn from everyone how society works, what we can and can’t do without getting into trouble, and what kind of personality we have —humorous, kind, introvert, extrovert, nerdy, stubborn. 
We carry these stories, both good and bad, into our grown-up lives. We form and frame our outlook around these stories, accepting the limitations that were set when our personalities were just starting to develop. Then we spend the rest of our adult lives allowing that inner child tell us what we can and can’t have, be or do.
My usual state is to wonder whether I’m worthy enough. That tiny voice deep inside whispers that I can’t do or achieve certain things. I’m certainly not going to get rid of those fears overnight, and neither are you. But you can use that fear as faith to keep pushing toward your dreams.
To begin, take out a piece of paper. You’ll need to explore what thoughts are holding you back. Do you struggle with self-worth? Are you anxious about failing or perhaps of succeeding? When a different opportunity arises, do you move forward with a yes attitude?
Here are four questions to ask yourself to help pinpoint and overcome your limiting beliefs:
Once you recognize your doubts and limiting beliefs, you must continue to work at encouraging yourself in those moments of self-doubt. You will soon find, when the pesky voice of limitation disappears, that your mind is your most powerful tool.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Attracting Success

Once we have our mindsets at this level, outdated goal-setting exercises are naturally exchanged by the more dominant technique of setting intentions to attract success. A goal is something we do not have that we desire to get. Our belief is that the desired object or experience is separate from us.
Traditional goal-setting exercises show us how to crawl toward the outcome in baby-step goals, each step meant to build up our self-confidence until desire turns into belief. This can take a long time.
An intention, on the other hand, is a goal but with all doubt about its attainment removed. Baby steps are not needed because there is no doubt about getting what we desire. Instead of inching toward it, we can simply sit back and let it come running to us. The main dissimilarity, however, between intentions and goals is direction of effort. With goals, we push effort toward the object. With intentions, we draw or attract the object to us.

This may seem like a subtle shift in thinking, but it is an important one if you want to move from accomplishing a few goals to achieving any all of the goals you set. Small changes in how we think make huge differences attracting the success you desire.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

What's your “Branding Mark”

 “Branding Mark”

The Greek defined character as a “branding mark” on products, an engraved or stamped mark on coins or seals. It’s a word that may refer to any artificial symbol or sign and it often refers to human moral character involving assessments of mental qualities and moral virtues or lack of them.
            How you act is “your brand.” If you examine a commercial or any advertisement closely, you will notice that it has a distinguished label, look, or mark. You’ll know whether it’s pushing Pepsi or Coca Cola just by the advertisement. You can recognize a pair of Air Jordan gym shoes just by the logo. If someone labeled you, would it be in the form of a winner? Would it be negative or positive? Would it capture the attention of another person? These are some of the questions you need to ponder when developing your character, and if you don’t like your answers, you likely need to adjust your thinking and actions accordingly.

                                              Think Like A Winner - Act Like You Won
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