Thursday, October 19, 2017

How We Think is Often Fueled By The Way We See Ourselves

How we think is often fueled by the way we see ourselves. In a recent devotion, Dr. Charles Stanley wrote that a negative self-image is a barrier to faith, in this case, our confidence to carry out our God-given assignments or achieve our goals. Other “faith barriers” to reaching the winner’s circle in life include fear and doubt. Ultimately, “faith barriers hinder the flow of divine power in our life, slow spiritual growth, and prevent us from fully carrying out the Father’s will.”[1]
We are like magnets: we tend to draw whatever thoughts are in our mind. You will only produce like-minded things. You have heard the following sayings:
“If you want people to believe in you, believe in them.”
“If you want people to trust in you, trust in them.”
“If you want people to like you, try liking them.

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