Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Coming to Terms With Your Situation

Acceptance of the situation comes first before anything else
Coming to terms with your situation

I realize that coming to terms with a bad situation that happened in your past can be very difficult, especially if you have been through a terrible time. But whatever occur in your past will always be the past, it’s something that’s gone and never to be return. Only the memory of yesterday is left.
What’s important is to get your life in order and not become a negative person because of what happened in the past. It serves you no purpose to dwell on things that you cannot change or bring back. It is useless and wasted energy. Your focus should be on moving forward and making the right decision from this point on.

Acceptance must come first before any change can occur. Reality said that before a person could overcome and move forward from any situation. They must admit to them self-first the state they currently in, this is just the same as saying acceptances.

We cannot wholeheartedly act upon the challenge or the situation until we have fully acknowledged to ourselves that this is our new reality. In other words, what it is, is what it is. The truth of the matter is no one can bring back the past, but we can certainly start from that point on and move forward.
A life without acceptance is a life that is filled with denial. I realize that every life has its consequences and its limitations, but you have a choice, and living a denial life should not be your choice of living. And surely you cannot get any sadder or less fulfilling than that.
Acceptance begins with self, trying to avoid the truth will only cause more pain in the long run. You must recognize that this is the way things are going to go. But acceptance doesn't mean wallowing in your situation, either.

It is simply what it is: acknowledging what is real and deciding to deal with it head-on.

Carl Mathis

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