Thursday, May 4, 2017

Living life to the fullest: Finding life again.

If it’s worth to you, then it will be a struggle. The cost will be great and the pain will be costly. To overcome and live life again will not be a walk in the park, but is it worth it to you? By accepting of your life situation and conditioning your mind to create a positive perspective, you then empowered to make a commitment to take back your life.

Holding on to the past: Keeping notes and records of old wrong and expecting to live life again is impossible, this is like burning the candle on both ends, and it will be difficult for you to be healed from past occurrences.

Negative thinking: Thinking negatively and worrying hurts you rather than improving you. Unhappy, discourage, angry, or otherwise will detract you from happy situation.

Make good decision: Learn how to solve and settle future problems as quickly as possible and move forward: Do it quick and precise and healing will occur. If it’s not profiting you by keeping the memory of it, then forget about it and keep moving.

Make a commitment: Be honest to yourself about your weakness and your strength and make a commitment today about taking back your life. Your success or your failure rely of you commitment. Make an obligation to dedicate time and effort that can’t be avoided.

Taking Responsibility: How you spend your time, weather on the internet, shopping, telephone, unimportance task, texting, entertaining others and anything that will take up most of your days and nights, you must take complete responsibility.

Never let someone else be the one to say when for you.
Others are helpful sometimes, but only you know when it's time to say, this is my time. You hold the key to your life being revived.

If you truly desire to change yourself and your life, then start with your mind. Whatever the mind does the rest of the body will follow.

Your mind is a “pattern recognition system.” It’s very efficient at this process and we couldn’t function the way we do as human beings if our minds didn’t have it. If we had to analyze every detailed piece of information before we took any action, we would have a hard time doing something as simple as tying our shoes. 

Remember this: failure is not the worst thing that can happen to you, not trying and wasting your entire life is. I believe when we decided to take control of our life, instead of just barely surviving we will experience the beauty of finding life again.

Carl Mathis

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