Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How Do I Stay Focus....on my talents, passions and principles?

   Write down all you talents, passions and principles.

The goal of this step is to get you to get an even better idea of who you are.
Foremost, write down all the things you’re good at or are very knowledgeable about. Remember, you don’t have to be really talented or gifted, just good at these things. Don’t be reluctant. Try to come up with as many things as possible. Talk to your friends and coworkers to ask them what you should put on that list. Their answers may astonish you.
Next, list your genuine passions and interests. You can take all of the things that you put on your list in the previous step, but also add the things that are just important to you – your principles. For example, friendships, health, spirituality, fitness, love etc. If you know your ideals, then you know what you want, you know who you are, you know where you stand in life.

After you have completed these steps, review what you have written daily to help you remain focused and moving confidently toward your goals.

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