Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The "I Don’t Like It Quiet" Mistake

The "I Don’t Like It Quiet" Mistake 

With cell phones, laptops and computers, and endless cable channels, the lives we lead do not always lend time for inner stillness and reflection. We're going at such a hectic pace that we don't make space for prayer and meditation. We don't really look within. It can be challenging at first to recognize our internal heartbeat, but recognizing it determines what will give you success and satisfaction. Think of it as an inner show of appreciation for every minute where you feel in harmony with yourself, and when you hear it—be it loud and clear or soft and slightly muffled—you'll know exactly what it is and what you're meant to do on Earth. 

You were created for this day and time. By avoiding these common mistakes you will surely be on the right path to live your best life.

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Think Like A Winner

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